Welcome to Vinogrape!

Hello! My name is Neil Mechanic Founder and Director of Operations of Vinogrape Consulting and Productions based in San Francisco, California. I've spent over 20 years in the Food and Beverage Industry specifically geared to the wine emphasis. My three prong consulting approach includes Wine List Consultation, Private Cellar Management and Speciality Wine Tasting Events for both the trade and the public. 

My services are beneficial to any upstart restaurant wanting to customize a program that complements their theme as well as budget. I can also work with an existing program to make the necessary adjustments to enhance selection, profitability, and better list navigation for both guest and service staff. My passion for wine percolates down to any Front of the House Staff who are eager to learn and become a better promoter and salesman in the dining setting. 

On Premise:

  • Restaurant Wine List Consultation
  • Staff Training
  • Beverage Inventory Management

Private Cellar Management & Appraisal: 

I can offer cellar services that include inventory services, cellar management, and appraisals. I can also offer avenues to sell your wines if they be traditional auction houses as well as the several on-line consignment houses presently in the marketplace. 

Special Event Planning & Theme Tastings:

I have over a decade of promoting, marketing and coordinating theme tastings open to the public and trade. Need to plan a unique tasting theme for your next corporate event or private party? Please 'contact me' to learn how I can customize a tasting based on preference and theme interest that fits your budget. I can coordinate with North Coast and Central Coast wineries to create a unique tasting trip for parties of six to twenty-five guests. 

Keg Wine Consultation:

I will work with an existing account or new build-out concept to implement a draft wine system that offers one or two house pours to an array of pours from noted vineyard sources in California. Learn how a wine tap system can elevate all aspects of your beverage program from increasing glass pour profit margin to decreasing product waste.